Warehouse Administrator

Administrator, Office / Commercial, Warehouse / Logistics
£15,000 to £20,000 Per Annum
Contract Type:
Full time

The Just Recruitment Group is seeking a Warehouse Administrator to support a fast paced warehouse environment and to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and in full to assist productivity and efficieny. 

Key Duties Include; 
• Booking in inbound shipments with the freight forwarder, this will only be to issue a slot into the warehouse, any transportation issues will still be held with Logistics. 
• Preparing inbound packs – all inbound packs to be prepared by warehouse admin when information has been passed from Logistics (we will start gradually with this process) 
• Blind count – warehouse admin/ supervisor will confirm the warehouse count, and if any issues please inform logistics. 
• Scanning all documents – currently logistics keep a tracker batch by batch and hyperlink all documents, this will now be passed onto the warehouse admin. 
• Archiving – once paperwork is scanned, then to archive the documents in respective Month folder. 
• Warehouse admin to complete TTF’s once information has been passed from Logistics team 
• Logistics team will provide manifests to the warehouse admin, and from here memo’s will be printed and direct stock transfers will be created. Once count has been confirmed warehouse admin will confirm the memos and print dispatch notes