The Worst Office and Workplace Annoyances

Seriously, some of these just drive us bonkers.


1. No mugs or cutlery left, because it's all scattered on desks.

Source: Channel 4

How hard is it to wash up every now and then?


2. Noisy eaters. Who eat with their mouth open.


Just close your mouth. Please. No one wants to see a live display of what goes on in it.


3. Being inevitably asked about your weekend on a Monday morning.

Source: 20th Century Fox

At least let me have my cup of tea first.


4. Awkwardly running into someone in the toilets or kitchen.

Source: Paramount Pictures

Let’s just forget this exchange ever happened.


5. Birthday celebrations for co-workers you don’t really know.

Source: Disney

Happy birthday to you, I suppose.


6. People that bang on the keyboard.

Source: Madhouse

What did that poor keyboard ever do to you?


7. Fighting over the office air conditioning.

Source: Megan Nicole Dong/Sketchshark

I will fight for my right to sit in a moderately warm room.


8. Colleagues not getting your tea right.

Source: BBC

Nothing makes a morning worse than a bad cuppa.


9. Loud phone talkers. Who use speakerphone.

Source: Universal Pictures

The rest of us don’t care about your very personal situations.


10. Co-workers with the tech literacy of a 90 year old.


Trying to teach them how to use tech is like talking to a brick wall.


11. Messes being left and not cleaned – meaning you must inevitably do it.

Source: Nickelodeon

I should get a pay raise for the amount of cleaning I’m doing…


12. Singing or humming along to music.

Source: NBC

You can listen to music without having to sing along to it.


13. Smelly food being brought for lunch.

Source: VH1

Crack a window, quickly.


14. Mobile phones that haven’t been put into silent mode going off.

Source: NBC

All you have to do is flick a switch – a dog could do it!

Posted on Tuesday Oct 31