10 tips for interview success

So, You’ve brushed up your CV and landed an interview for your dream job. But now the nerves are starting to set in. How should you prepare? And what’s necessary to make a good impression? We asked Victoria Griffiths, Business Manager at Just Recruitment, for her tips on impressing the interview panel. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Do your homework

“Interviewers often ask what you know about their company,” says Ms Griffiths. “It’s a way of gauging your interest in, and enthusiasm for, the job you have applied for.” Allow yourself plenty of time to carry out research before your interview. Look at the company’s website, explore its social media presence, and find its press page. Familiarise yourself with the products and services it offers, as well as its values and goals.

2. Be Prepared

Read through the job description you have been given, and think about how your skills and experience match the job profile. Make notes, and rehearse some of the things you might say. As Ms Griffiths points out: “The more prepared you are for the interview, the more confident you will appear.”

3. Know yourself

Read your CV thoroughly before your interview, and make sure you know it inside out. “Interviewers often use your CV as a basis for questions,” says Ms Griffiths. “So it’s essential that you can speak clearly and in depth about the skills and experiences detailed in it.”

4. Dress appropriately

Your appearance will make a strong impression, even before you answer any questions. “Find out the dress code for the interview,” advises Ms Griffiths, “and ensure that you follow it.”

5. Know your interview location

“Look up where you are going for the interview and, if you have the time, do a dummy run,” suggests Ms Griffiths. This will help you judge how long it takes to get there, and avoid unnecessary panic on the day.

6. Leave early

Once you’ve ascertained where you’re going, allow yourself plenty of time to get there. “Make sure you arrive with time to spare,” says Ms Griffiths. “You’ll need time to park, make your way to the interview, and – most importantly –catch your breath before the questioning begins.”

7. Know your interviewer

Make a mental note of the full name of your interviewer in advance of turning up. “It creates a poor impression if you simply say that you’re there to meet Carol,” states Victoria, “especially if your prospective employer has a formal company culture.”

8. Think about your greeting

First impressions count, and the way you greet your interviewer can have a big impact. “As obvious as it may sound, don’t forget to smile when you meet your interviewer,” advises Ms Griffiths. “When you shake their hand, look them in the eye and give a confident squeeze, making sure not to break their knuckles!”

9. Prepare some questions

“At the end of the interview, it’s common for the interviewer to ask if you have any questions,” says Ms Griffiths. “It’s a very good idea to have some up your sleeve, as it displays your interest in the job.”

10. Provide feedback

“Once you have attended the interview, be sure to give feedback to your recruitment consultant straight away,” advises Ms Griffiths. “This will show the company that you are keen, and interested in the role, as well as helping them to refine their recruitment practices in the future.”

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Posted on Tuesday Dec 13