Adaptability is key to landing your dream job

CV writing company Purple CV recently polled their employees, finding that 71% see adaptability as the skill most valued amongst recruiters and employers.

Management skills came as a close second with 57%, followed by pro-activeness and organisational skills; them scoring 45% and 43% respectively.

Astoundingly, typical traits seen in CV writing – such as loyalty, creativity and attention to detail – only received 10% of votes or less in the survey.

Writers also questioned the practice of placing photographs on a CV, with most (90%) suggesting they are a big no-no when job hunting.

70% of writers polled believe that hobbies and interests should be left out of a CV, unless they are directly relevant to the job application or are exceptional achievements.

The poll identified the most used hobbies as travel, sport, keeping fit and socialising – and urged job hunters to leave these out of their CV unless relevant.

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Posted on Tuesday Sep 26