How do you choose the best recruitment agency for you?

Hint: Don't just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

By Peter Foy

The job market is a fiercely competitive one. Your best friend in finding the right career opportunity and ensuring that you secure it could be a Recruitment Agency. But not all Agencies are the same.

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), there are nearly 24,000 Recruitment agencies in the UK! They range in size from one person operating out of a back bedroom to publicly quoted multi-national enterprises. Given the number of agencies available it is no surprise that the service they offer varies.

This means that you shouldn't place your trust in just any old agency, cross your fingers and hope for the best outcome.

When choosing an agency, you should ask these questions

Are they approachable and enthusiastic?

Do the consultants sound genuinely interested in learning about your strengths, needs and goals? Consultants should have a high level of emotional intelligence; meaning they are able to build relationships with job seekers, to determine their true career goals. Victoria Griffiths, manager of Just Recruitment’s Haverhill branch explains how Just Recruitment goes the extra mile for its candidates.

How long has the agency been operating?

Are they established in the local area? Do they have long lasting relationships with their clients? This could be the difference between you getting an interview with a company, or being snubbed for candidates from a more established agency which the client trusts more.

Do they understand you and your aspirations? 

It would be naïve to expect a Recruitment Consultant to be an expert in every field. You will have far more domain knowledge of professional role than they do. What you should expect is that the consultant takes time to listen to your story to date and your goals for the future.

The Consultant’s expertise lies in understanding you and in matching you to the most appropriate employers. If they suggest that your CV is put forward to a specific company they should be able to give you chapter and verse on that company because they should have invested the time to understand exactly what that company is looking for.

Do they act as mentors?

Does your consultant give you advice on how to improve your CV, discuss what your Social Media presence says about you and do they coach you when you are preparing for an interview? Additionally, a good consultant should act as your mentor, and should be willing to help as you settle into a new role.


I’m very proud that Just ticks all these boxes. We have been operating for 35 years, and many of our clients have been with us throughout our entire journey.  This means that we know the roles we are hiring for inside-out, and we have a great level of trust amongst our clients and candidates alike.

Our mission has always been to place people first. This means we endeavour to create an experience for each candidate we place; considering their needs, motivations and desires. We never treat a candidate as a number.

Our consultants are passionate about people - it's a minimum requirement for all employees. This means you always know that Just has your best interests at heart.

For more information about Just Recruitment’s ethos have a look at the following video

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Just Through the Eyes of Victoria; Haverhill Branch Manager from Just Recruitment Group on Vimeo.

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Posted on Thursday Aug 17