The Eastern Region Employee Engagement Forum


EREEF has been established with the support of Just Recruitment Group to provide a focus for learning, development and insight around the topic of employee engagement.

The Eastern Region is a vibrant economic area, where many businesses thrive. To safeguard its stability in an uncertain world, it needs to help those businesses establish and maintain efficient and productive working methods, thereby enhancing output and maximising margins.

Key to achieving such an objective is employee engagement. By engendering loyalty, respect and wellbeing among staff, employers achieve their financial and Corporate Social Responsibility goals, whilst giving their workforce a better quality of life.

To ensure the business community is up to date with the latest thinking and policy developments in the field of employee engagement, Just Recruitment has established EREEF. This brings together business people, employee representatives, politicians, academics, and policy makers, providing opportunities to share insight and expertise, disseminate best practice, and innovate.

EREEF will be an online forum, hosted by Just Recruitment and rich in content and discussion. Forum members will also have the opportunity to meet regularly at roundtable events, where they can refine their ideas in conversation with their peers.

We believe EREEF will make a significant difference to the way businesses in this region operate. To keep in touch with our activities or get involved, please email


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