The Funniest Excuses for Calling in Sick Revealed

The office Christmas party is a cultural staple across the country, with colleagues taking the opportunity to don their best garments and let their hair down. But what happens when colleagues drink too much, and are left feeling too worse for wear the following morning to head into the office?

A recent survey carried out by indoor go-karting company TeamSport has found the funniest, worst and plain ridiculous excuses UK workers have used to avoid coming into work the day after the office Christmas party.

The results were staggeringly different for both male and female participants. Females didn’t want to go to work the next day because they had embarrassed themselves at the party (12% vs 6% of men), or they fell out with a colleague (10% vs 6% of men).

Male workers felt that they needed time to recharge their batteries and catch up on sleep (23% vs 14% of women), or they simply couldn’t face important work commitments such as meetings (6% vs 2% of women).

So, what were the top excuses workers used?

  • Food poisoning (16%)
  • Feeling sick (11%)
  • A sudden onset of a stomach bug (5%)
  • Broken down car (3%)

 Other silly excuses included:

  •  “I forgot to put the washing machine on, so I have no clean clothes”
  • “I won’t be able to make it to the office as I’ve bruised my brain”
  • “I can’t come in today, because I’ve swallowed a spider”
  • “I won’t be in the office today; my ears are sore from the music last night"

The report also looked into differences between industries, finding that Marketing/PR, HR and Recruitment were the least likely to call in sick (3%).

The worst culprits for calling in sick after the office party were;

  • Information technology (24%)
  • Business, Consulting and Management (19%)
  • Creative arts and design (18%)
  • Property and construction (12%)
  • Engineering (12%)

Looking at regional differences, those in the big smoke were the biggest offenders for calling in sick (17%), followed by the North West (13%) and the West Midlands (13%).

Workers in the Property and Construction industry are the cheekiest, with almost a third (29%) admitting to getting a little too close with a colleague at the Christmas party, and this being the real reason they couldn’t face the office the following day. 

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Posted on Tuesday Nov 14