How to improve your mental wellbeing at work


According to a recent survey, 3 in 5 people have experienced mental health issues because of work in the last year. What steps can you take to improve your own wellbeing at work?

Manage your hours effectively

Changing where and when you work can help your mental health greatly. By law, employees now have the right to request flexible working hours for any reason.

Working from home for a couple of days a week could give you an extra hour or so to exercise, spend time with your kids or even get up a bit later, whilst having just a productive day as if you were in the office! 

Switch off when you clock out

A work-life balance is a difficult concept to master. In truth, we spend most of our time at home thinking about work and vice versa.

In France, employees are given the ‘right to disconnect’ after office hours by law. Although we do not have similar legislation in the UK, you must train yourself to switch off when you leave work.

This means turning off your work phone and laptop, or deleting your work email account from your personal phone so you don’t feel tempted to check on emails in the evening or weekend.

If you feel that you don’t have enough time in the working day to catch up with work, finding yourself working late into the night when you should be relaxing, you need to discuss this with your manager to find a solution.

This could include delegating work to your colleagues or perhaps hiring a new member of staff to ease your heavy workload. 

Look after yourself

Working so hard can really cause you to neglect your own health. After a stressful day at work, sometimes all you want to do is sit down with a glass of wine (or three) and a mountain of chocolate.

Of course, this is fine every once in a while, but when you aren’t at work you should be taking care of yourself; that means (unfortunately) doing some exercise, eating well, and getting early nights.

If you hate the thought of breaking a sweat, take up a restorative exercise such as yoga, or just start by going for a 15-minute walk daily to help clear your head.

Consider your options

Finally, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you feel too stressed in your role, as though your boss is too hard on you, then you are under no obligation to stay somewhere that is affecting your health. 

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Posted on Tuesday Oct 17