“We are a manufacturing SME which, like many such 50 person firms cannot afford a full time HR department so it is essential for our efficient and successful growth to be able to contact the staff of, preferably, just one local firm for some of these functions. Once done, we need to be confident that this firm has a good knowledge of our working arrangements, products and Directors' expectations. We have been using Just Recruitment for over 7 years now and their success in doing the above well has resulted in us sourcing both temporary and permanent staff with them, and using their HR consultancy service.”
- Manufacturing client based in Braintree, Essex

“The service that the Just Recruitment consultant provided was really exceptional”. A very relaxed attitude with a professional, efficient and quick response”.
- Manufacturing client based in Witham, Essex

“I wouldn’t look to use any other agency at the moment because the level of service and quality of temps I get from the Just Recruitment Group is exactly what I am looking for”.
- Distribution client based in Braintree, Essex

“Before we contacted Just Recruitment, we were finding it extremely hard to recruit the people we needed to meet growing customer demand. Our first recruits from Poland were extra pairs of hands to help our skilled glaziers. They were all hard working, highly committed to the job and keen to learn – so much so that we have now offered several of them permanent employment. Today, they are being trained to be qualified glaziers.”
- Glazing client based in Witham, Essex

“The people you have recommended for interview with us have always been appropriate to the position advertised. CV’s are professionally presented, clear and precise and sent promptly by email or fax. It’s a friendly and competent service that we will be happy to work with in the future.”
- Seed Merchant client based near Colchester, Essex

“We have built up an excellent relationship with Just and its consultants, who regularly visit the company not only to keep in touch but also to ensure that they can get a feel for the type of work and environment to better inform their clients of what will be expected on a temporary assignment with us.”
- Furniture manufacturing client based in Colchester, Essex

“Just Recruitment very rarely falls short of our expectations, being able to provide large volumes of appropriately skilled staff at short notice. This is especially important to us during the final quarter of the year when our workload increases dramatically.”
- Manufacturing client based in Ipswich, Suffolk

“In a low unemployment area like Ipswich, finding quality people is not easy, but over the last nine months the success rate for jobs ranging from Operators through to Senior Managers has been impressive. You take a professional approach to understanding our requirements and rapidly get to an understanding of the critical skills required: this leads to very little waste of time and a high interview success rate. As important as the initial selection is the management of the difficult follow on issues, such as absenteeism and discipline, that occurs with temporary positions.”
- Metal component manufacturing client based in Ipswich, Suffolk