Recruitment Consultant

Salary negotiable
Suffolk and Essex
Contract Type:
Full time

Just Recruitment is East Anglia’s premier independent employment agency. We are the only local agency that is employee owned.

What does it mean to be employee owned? First, it means that all of the company’s success belongs to the employees. Profit, shareholder value, everything, belongs to the employees.

We are committed to growing that value and, under the rules of the Trust, we have to give it to our employees.

Let’s face it, that’s a concept that you are not used to. You are used to building value for your shareholders, either in a big corporate or a family owned business. But how are you going to make serious money?

Of course, you have commission. We too have a brilliant uncapped commission scheme.

But we also offer the reality of ownership. If you are good enough to join the JRG team then you will, immediately, be a 3.5% shareholder in the company. If you are successful, you will have the opportunity to double that holding. That’s a life changing amount of money.

We are looking for experienced fee earners. You will be paid a great salary, earn great commission and own a big slice of the company. At Just Recruitment, we are committed to growing the value of the company; committed to growing your slice of the pie.

To put that in context; it means you can pay off a mortgage, buy a super car or travel the world. Your company, your reward, your choice.

Your opportunity.

If you are an experienced recruitment consultant and believe you can make a difference, please contact us.