JUST a great programme of employee benefits

Just Recruitment Group Ltd has launched a revolutionary benefits scheme that includes temporary workers. We ask Peter Foy, a director of the company, about the thinking behind the programme

First things first: tell us why the Just Recruitment benefits programme is so revolutionary.

As far as we’re aware, Just Recruitment is one of the first recruitment agencies in the country to extend an employee benefits scheme to temporary workers. That means everyone we employ has access to our unique “Just Benefits” package. 

That sounds great. Tell us more about what’s on offer. 

You can find out all about it by watching our video (linked at bottom).

As you’ll see, the scheme is designed to help people make the most of their money, and to improve their quality of life. We make sure that every employee is paid above the National Minimum Wage, thereby ensuring they have fair remuneration for their work. 

Then we supplement their income with a variety of offers and discounts. For example, by adding funds to a reloadable gift card, they receive instant cashback of 15 per cent. In effect, that means they have a 15 per cent discount on anything they purchase with the card, which can be used at a variety of retailers.

We also offer cashback on purchases of retail vouchers, which can be redeemed in store or online, and free entry into a monthly lotto draw with a prize fund of £3,000. More than that, we offer other monthly competitions, as well as discounts on things like gym membership and eye tests, and free advice about money, wellbeing and life skills. 

That sounds like a major investment for your company. What’s in it for you?

The first thing to say is that we’re doing this because we want to improve the life of temporary workers throughout East Anglia. So our main driver here is to do the right thing by our people.

But of course there are advantages for Just Recruitment. A healthier, happier workforce is more productive, more loyal and generally more willing to go the extra mile for its employer. So by looking after the people who work for us, we hope they will deliver more for us and our clients, secure in the knowledge that we’re doing all we can to give them the best possible working conditions. 

Is this part of a wider strategy of employee engagement for Just Recruitment Group?

We’re always exploring ways to engender greater engagement among our workforce, both permanent and temporary. That’s why we’ve set up the Eastern Region Employee Engagement Forum (EREEF). This is a collection of business people, politicians, employers, employees, academics and government officials who want to pool their expertise and share best practice about ways to mobilise and inspire staff.

Could EREEF have a wider impact in the region?

That’s certainly our hope. Just Recruitment is at the vanguard of employee engagement, especially for our industry. We want to stay ahead of the curve, which is why we’re engaging with the brightest thinkers and influential policy makers, to help refine our practice and develop our expertise. 

Does that mean you’ll be exploring new initiatives in the future?

It absolutely does. One of the things that characterises Just Recruitment is our willingness to innovate. For example, we were one of the first agencies in this region to produce video job adverts, and we’ve established a reputation for being one step ahead of the game. 

To continue doing that successfully, we need to ensure our people are committed to us, and are willing to join us on our journey of growth and development. EREEF is one aspect of that, but it’s part of a much wider change-management programme throughout our company. 

That all sounds very exciting. When will you have more news to report?

We’re working on the next phase of our development right now. Watch this space!

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Posted on Monday Sep 18