Just a 12 month review...

We have just closed the Financial Year for Just Recruitment, the first year I have been a Director of the company. A good time to reflect and to share some thoughts.

It has been a time of enormous change. One of the most far-reaching change programmes I have led. Pretty well every piece of technology, hardware and software, has changed. New management structures introduced and new teams created.

While some of our competition have been closing branches and cutting staff, fearful of the uncertain economic and political climate. We have continued to invest, not just in technology but also in people and offices. New consultants have joined us in each branch and we have initiated a graduate scheme. Three graduates have joined each keen to build a career in recruitment.  

We have initiated a programme of branch refurbishment. Each office will get a complete makeover and new space created. In 2016, Haverhill and Witham had the builders in, next year it will be the turn of Ipswich and then Colchester. We need to accommodate our current and anticipated growth.

For over 30 years, Just Recruitment has maintained a low profile in the market place. This year we have commissioned a new website and started to engage with social media. In November over 18,000 people looked at our Facebook content. Interactions on Twitter increased by 80%. Some of us, older team members, may not understand it but under the leadership of Nicole in our marketing team, we are establishing a social media presence.

Just Recruitment has always been rooted in the communities where it has a presence. Obviously, through our close relationships with our clients and candidates but also through our links to local causes. For a number of years we have been supporting the East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) as our corporate charity. In the past 12 months, our consultants have raised over £1,000 per month for this great cause. Next year we are committed to doing more.


Throughout this turmoil, the team has kept a sharp focus on serving the customer. We helped over 300 companies with their permanent and temporary recruitment needs. Over 600 individuals found their next career opportunity through the work of our consultants. Over 2,600 people were deployed on temporary assignments.

Twelve months into the job and I love every minute of it. It is great to be part of a team that embraces change. A team that pulls together. A winning team.

Being a successful team means people want to join us. Each week we receive over 50 CVs from people who think they can be part of a winning team. Unfortunately, not every Tom, Dick or Harriet has what it takes. The application form might appear to be from a prime candidate but it’s not the application for the job that counts. It’s the application to the job that makes a consultant a success.


 If you think you have what it takes get in touch.






   Director; Just Recruitment. 


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Posted on Friday Dec 16