Seven stars who had normal jobs before they were famous

Do you long to be a star? Don’t give up on your dreams too soon. As the career histories of these big-name celebs show, everyone has to start somewhere…

Harrison Ford - carpenter

Before he was flying around space with Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon as the male lead in Star Wars, Ford was a full-time carpenter on movie sets. George Lucas actually decided the future Indiana Jones actor was perfect for the role of Han Solo while he fixed a door at the Star Wars studio.

Jim Carrey – factory cleaner

You may know him as the funny man from such films as The Mask, Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty, but the actor had humble beginnings. At 15, Carrey dropped out of school to become a cleaner at a factory, supporting his family through financial difficulty.

George Clooney – shoe shop assistant

Before becoming an actor, the ER star tried his hand at a number of jobs. These included being a door-to-door salesman and working in a shoe shop. Clooney admits that he was frequently sacked for not being very good. Thank goodness he eventually found a job he is brilliant at: acting in and directing award-winning movies.

Julia Roberts – ice cream vendor

Star of Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich Roberts used to work behind the counter in an ice cream parlour before she was talent spotted. She went on to become one of America’s most successful actresses.

Madonna – donut seller

The Material Girl singer started her career working at a branch of Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square, New York. She only lasted a day, though: she was sacked for squirting jelly over a customer!

Jennifer Aniston – telemarketer, bike messenger and waitress

Before making her name as Rachel from Friends, Aniston paid her rent by working as a telemarketer, a bike messenger, and a waitress. Now, that’s what we call multi-tasking!

Kanye West – shop worker

Although he is now a hugely successful clothes designer and musician, the rapper worked at high-street clothing retailer GAP to pay his way through college. He still raps about the clothing brand in his songs!


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By Nicole Hogger

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Posted on Wednesday May 17